The Future In OneWord: OnePlus. - Abhimanyu Ramesh Sathya

Warning: The following post might be heavily biased. Reader discretion is advised.

The future in OneWord: OnePlus.

Nothing compares. How have they not put everyone out of business already?

The OnePlus 7T is OnePlus’ update to the OnePlus 7. Unlike its older brother, the new 7T is launching worldwide with only 1 SKU, at $599.

Here’s how it compares to the older OnePlus 7 on paper:

7T 7

Snapdragon 855 Plus (2.96 GHz) Snapdragon 855 (2.84 GHz)


90Hz 2400x1080 HDR10+ Display 60Hz 2340x1080 Display

3800 mAh battery 3700 mAh battery

Triple 48MP Cameras (Main, Telephoto, Ultrawide) 48 + 5 MP Dual cameras.

$599 (₹37,999 in India) ₹32,999/37,999 (approx. $470/540)

The new OnePlus 7T is like the lovechild of the 7 Pro and 7. Although some of these upgrades are barely noticeable, as the extra .12 GHz on the CPU or the +100 mAh on the battery, they showcase the fact that OnePlus refuses to release a phone without an improvement. They even shrank the camera notch to squeeze in 60x1080 extra pixels. This mentality to continually strive to be better is what a lot of the other manufacturers lack *looks pointedly at Apple*. On the Android side, the 7T blows the S10 and Note10 series out of the water. At nearly half the price, the 7T has a better chip and depending on who you talk to a better display.

The only place where the 7T refuses to perform is the camera. Yeah, sure there’s another one there this time. But OnePlus has constantly struggled with low-light settings, portrait mode, and overall image processing. Camera performance aside, OnePlus has decided to go with a very Nokia Lumia 1020 camera bump. In my opinion, that large black circle ruins the sleek, glass back aesthetic that OnePlus has adopted for the past four generations. It also has a tendency to get caught on the edges of pockets and get quite dinged up, so it’s not the best design choice.

The crux of the matter then, should you buy the 7T?

The short answer is yes. Buy it, it’s an amazing phone, and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. But the market is at a stage now where OnePlus is only comparable to itself unless you’re super invested in cameras. So my advice is if you’re in the market for a phone try squeezing in $70 extra dollars to get the 7 Pro. The 1440p display and completely bezel-less design, coupled with a non-moronic camera bump, and a bigger battery is a good quality of life upgrade for $70. But if the aforementioned things don’t matter to you then, by all means, buy the 7T.

(Disclaimer: Don’t buy the 7T if you have the 7. That’s dumb and not worth it.)

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