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Behind every magazine edition, post, Instagram story and blogpost is a passionate team committed to bring you the best content possible and portray the elegance of physics in its pristine form. Meet the newly expanded team behind The Photon Magazine...

aditya gaur

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Aditya Gaur is an aspiring tech entrepreneur who, through The Photon Magazine, aims to make everyone realise how cool physics can really be. Always up to date with the latest scientific and technological innovations, Aditya is an aspiring engineer. He loves movies, physics and procrastinating. He also loves speed solving different Rubik's Cubes and can do the 3x3 in less than 15 seconds. Responsible for managing the entire team, he also curates, edits and writes content for the magazine.

nishk sewani

Head of Marketing & PR

Nishk Sewani is a teenager with big plans. A socialite who plans to major in economics, Nishk has been a connector of people and parties in projects since a young age. Hence, his love and skill in marketing place him right at the top as a great marketing and PR head. A huge Real Madrid fan, a fun fact about Nishk is that he has watched all 9 seasons of the office 9 times.

hari choudhari

Head of Human Resources & PR

Hari Krishan Choudhari is a 17-year-old currently in the process of struggling on against the endless workload of the IB curriculum, but he does enjoy pursuing his hobbies on the side. He loves reading, listening to music, playing the guitar, writing, and poetry, though his tastes are quite old-fashioned in all these regards. He also enjoys video games - strategy games in particular - and has been an avid Assassin’s Creed fan for as long as he can remember. Academically and otherwise, however, history is his passion, and he is a strong believer in the importance of ethics and an interdisciplinary approach to the study of physics. You can find his articles at the forefront of most of our magazines.

rithvik papani

Head of Content Management

Rithvik Papani is a teen highly interested in physics and how it can be used to describe the world around us so neatly. With a thirst for knowledge and passion for creating, he hopes to bring you the best physics content possible. In addition to studying physics, Rithvik also enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time.

pulkit dalmia

Head of Creative Design

Pulkit Dalmia believes that creativity is the bastion on which all ingenuity stands. As someone from Kolkata, where art is in the very air, he expresses his creativity in the grammar of colours and design. Journeying towards his future, he hopes to let creativity speak be his form of speech in business, art and life in general. As the head of Creative Design, he plans to deliver to the readers a magazine that doesn't just have technical and literal value but also physical and aesthetical. A holistic approach through and through.

akshath dhama

Proofreader and Finance Manager

A born and bred bibliophile by heart Akshath has been reading books as long as he can remember. This passion for reading soon incorporated itself into one for writing, forming a new amalgamation. Later due to prodding from those around him, to engage in a more scientific outlook of life, he decided to dip his toe in these unknown waters and well ere he is now, with haphazard and misshapen interests that somehow still create sparks. Here at The Photon Magazine we all have a smorgasbord of interests yet this magazine ,and despite being a forefront of science, is dotted with each of our passions and sprawled across a vast canvas.

rohan kumar

Creative Designer and Tech Support

Rohan Kumar is an aspiring software developer that loves to design and tinker. Having previous experience in web development(helping create a website for the largest student-run event in India) and done a course in design with Sketch, he is a valuable asset to The Photon Magazine.

aryan gupta


Co-Founder Aryan Gupta is a grade 12 student of The International School Bangalore who aims to pursue Physics as his major in college. A few months into joining TISB itself, Aryan realised the need for a science/physics magazine for the school, by the students of the school. Collaborating ideas with other co-founders, friends and publications from other schools he was determined to start something the school had never seen before. Apart from Physics, Aryan takes keen interest in music and is popularly known for his singing. Keen in all sports, Aryan is the captain of Senior Boys Hockey Teams, member of other teams like Basketball and supports FCB like there is no end!

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